My 2020 Goals!

A new year typically comes with new resolutions, but I’m over resolutions. In the past, my resolutions have turned out to be wishes that I try to make come true, and quickly fade into the background as I fall back into my usual patterns of life. Now, I’m taking a different approach. Goals! Realistic, measurable goals. Thought through, planned out, and written down goals. Not a laundry list of things to accomplish this year, but just a few leverage points to focus on that will challenge and grow me, make me better for God’s service. Ultimately, I want Him to receive glory for the life I live, and I trust Him to guide me in that direction. So, I put these goals in writing with Proverbs 16:3 in mind.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

Spiritual Growth Goals-  In 2020, I will:

  • Memorize 60 verses of Scripture
  • Have 60 Gospel conversations with non-believers (Not, “Hey, I’m a pastor! You should come to my church!” A presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and an invitation to follow Him.)
  • Personally disciple 3 men, mentoring and encouraging them toward spiritual growth

Health Goals- In 2020, I will:

  • Lose 45 pounds (current weight is 294 lbs. if you were wondering)
  • Maintain a Hemoglobin A1C under 7.0 (I finished 2019 at 6.5)
  • Be done with Insulin and other Diabetes related medication

Reading and Writing Goals- In 2020, I will :

That’s it!  Simple, specific, measurable goals that will challenge me, while helping me to grow into the man God has called me to be. What goals has God put on your heart for the new year?


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