My 2020 Goals!

A new year typically comes with new resolutions, but I’m over resolutions. In the past, my resolutions have turned out to be wishes that I try to make come true, and quickly fade into the background as I fall back into my usual patterns of life. Now, I’m taking a different approach. Goals! Realistic, measurable … Continue reading My 2020 Goals!

Heavenly Diversity

This past Sunday, in my sermon “Looking Back to Move Forward,” I made the statement, “These two churches with completely different backgrounds, merged and has become one of the most diverse multi-ethnic, multi-generational churches in the Inland Empire, probably all of California, and quite possibly the nation!” While I do not have any hard statistics … Continue reading Heavenly Diversity

10 Lessons from 10 Years at CrossPointe #1

On May 24, 2009, First Baptist Church of Fontana, CA voted to call me as their Senior Pastor. This was truly a historic day! On the weekend that the church was celebrating it’s 64th birthday, I became the youngest pastor (35) in the church’s history. I was also the first minority pastor and the first … Continue reading 10 Lessons from 10 Years at CrossPointe #1