Waiting for the Lord

I’ve reached the age where I really don’t mind waiting…for most things. It’s not that I have prayed many years for patience and have now, at 45 years old, finally had it granted to me. I’m on the go most days with a pretty full plate of tasks to accomplish and a lot of people vying for my time. I have learned to look at waiting as an oasis in time that is already allocated to whatever I’m waiting on. I always have a book on hand to read, or an iPad with the comforts of Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. at my fingertips. So, if it takes a little longer to get my oil changed, or to see the doctor, or whatever, I say, “Take your time.” I don’t mind waiting.

Disclaimer: If I am hungry or my feet hurt, all bets are off! You better hurry up, because there is a monster growing under this handsome, golden-brown teddy bear exterior! I do my best to keep snacks on hand and wear comfortable shoes, (Thanks, Skechers!) but there are times I get caught slipping.

I mention this because, I know that many people have a difficult time waiting, especially, waiting on the Lord. We pray, asking earnestly for the Lord’s intervention, provision, healing, etc. Then we must wait. I’ve experienced this in many ways over the 25 years I’ve walked with Him. It can be frustrating and scary. I could easily lean down the path of “God must not be concerned with this. So, I’ll have to make my own way.” Or, “This is taking way too long, and I’m going to miss out.” God knows that waiting can be scary and disheartening. He reminded me this week as I read in His word:

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”- Psalm 27:14

God knows! He knows that waiting on Him to act can make one weak in the knees as well as in faith. He knows that waiting for Him can be a frightful experience as you stare into the face of the unknown. But, in His word comes the gentle encouragement to “be strong and let your heart take courage.” You can be strong in your waiting when you allow Him to be your strength. You can stand courageously when you know that He hears you, He is on the case, and His timing is perfect. So, whether you are waiting on Jesus to return, divine healing, a spouse, a child, a job, or even just a chance, understand that the timing will be God’s and it will be perfect. Never too early or too late, but always right on time! For you, the waiting is a time to see your faith grow as you trust Him and His authority. Jesus told His disciples in Acts 1:7 “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.” Whatever you’re waiting on, do it in His strength! Draw nearer to Him! Be encouraged! Stay on mission! And know that when He intervenes, provides, heals it will be right on time!


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