Standing By Vacated Tents

Hindsight, as the saying goes, is 20/20. I believe it. As I look back over my life, one of the things I can see is the way God has used events and circumstances in my life to prepare me for ministry.  For example, as a pastor, I am often called to hospitals to visit someone … Continue reading Standing By Vacated Tents


Winding Down My Sabbatical & Thoughts on Moving Forward

It's June! Wow! Four months ago, today, I began my Sabbatical, and this has been, simultaneously, the quickest and longest four months in the history of humanity. When it started in February, I was still in shock at the tragic deaths of 9 people, including Kobe and Gianna Bryant, on my last Sunday morning at … Continue reading Winding Down My Sabbatical & Thoughts on Moving Forward

Heavenly Diversity

This past Sunday, in my sermon “Looking Back to Move Forward,” I made the statement, “These two churches with completely different backgrounds, merged and has become one of the most diverse multi-ethnic, multi-generational churches in the Inland Empire, probably all of California, and quite possibly the nation!” While I do not have any hard statistics … Continue reading Heavenly Diversity