Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

I had a breakup this weekend. Breakups are hard, but most of the time, necessary. Don’t worry! My wife and I are fine! We’re better than ever actually! My breakup this weekend was with Dominoes. I’m on a new journey in my life toward health and well-being. So, the last thing I need when I’m working hard on getting down to a healthy weight is the Dominoes app sending me notifications that say it’s time to “Click. Order. Eat.” They make it so easy and tantalizing.

However, I have goals! There is a plan in place, and I know my “Why?” So, Dominoes, I’m putting you in the rear-view mirror, and I’m going to keep pushing forward. You’re great, but you and I together are toxic. I realize that I’m meant for something greater and you don’t fit into the picture. Bye!

This conversation came a little easier for me once I realized it was exactly what I have often counseled others to do in regard to toxic relationships. Often, a new believer begins to see Jesus working in their life, doing the work of transformation into a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). With that, old behaviors and values change. Jesus does a lot of “house cleaning” and often has us do the leg work. One of the key areas of life that needs to be cleared out is relationships. They need to be evaluated through the new lens of Christ and His work in you. Every “friend” who draws you back into poor choices and behaviors must go.  I know the desire is there to help them change. However, often, they have more of a negative influence on you than you have a positive influence on them. The Bible warns us in 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.’”

 I know it can be hard. They’re nice. They’re fun. They have good intentions. They know you so well. That’s great, but toxic is toxic and ultimately leads to a negative result in your life. Not everybody you know is deserving of a position in your life. You should be friendly to everyone, but not everyone should be your friend. Your old drinking buddies, the guy or girl you’ve been sleeping with outside of marriage, and the rest who have values vastly different from your new values in Christ. Evaluate. Eliminate. Move on toward health and growth in Christ.


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