Welcome to “The Stray Shepherd”

Hi, I’m Brian! Welcome to “The Stray Shepherd!” Writing has always been a passion of mine, and over the years, I have dabbled in it for short periods of time. Then, life gets in the way. Well now, at the age of 45, I once again have the desire to write and share my thoughts, experiences, etc. on life and ministry with anyone who cares to read it.

Who I Am

First and foremost, my identity is found in Jesus Christ. I am a Christian since 1994. Best decision I’ve ever made! Second, I am husband to my wife, Darcy, for 25 years. Second best decision I’ve ever made! I am Dad to three adult children, two of whom still live at home with us. I am Senior Pastor of CrossPointe Church in Fontana, CA for the past 10 years. This is proof that “God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.” (1 Cor. 1:27, NLT) I am on a mission to make disciples, here, there, and everywhere God allows me to go. I am diabetic. Diagnosed in 2011, my thorn in the flesh doesn’t allow me to eat donuts. I am a fan. I love sports, books, movies, food, and Disneyland! I am a lifetime learner, always looking to learn what I don’t know, to meet people I haven’t yet, and to grow into the man God created me to be.

What to Expect

A little bit of everything in life and ministry, I suppose, from my unique perspective as a pastor. I am not a theologian, but some theology will come through. I am not an expert in anything, but I have picked up some valuable insights along the way. I hope to be helpful, informative, entertaining, and encouraging. I often read blogs by other pastors, and I love the perspective they bring into my life. My desire is to do the same for any and all who come through. I spend time with God daily and will use this space for open reflection on those times. I preach the Gospel regularly and will use this space to expound on what I preach. (Read: follow one of the many rabbit trails in a space where I’m not on the clock in the pulpit.) I read a lot and will share my thoughts on books that have impacted my life. And maybe, I’ll vent a little from time to time. This is a very fluid process.

Why “The Stray Shepherd”

Honestly, I just thought it was catchy. But, it does capture the essence of how I envision my walk with the Lord. Stray means “not in the right place; separated from the group or target.”  A shepherd is “a member of the clergy who provides spiritual care and guidance for a congregation.” God has called me to shepherd the flock he’s given me. However, He remains the Great Shepherd and I am His sheep. As such, there are plenty of times when I feel that I’m out of place or don’t belong in the position I’m in. But God, the faithful Shepherd, constantly pursues me, loves me, and encourages me to keep on shepherding.

So, here it goes! This is going to be real. It will probably be fun. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll be real fun.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Stray Shepherd”

  1. I LOVE YOU MAN! Don’t ever stop this! Be passionate and provide passive (or direct) guidance to all who care to listen… I’m listening!

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  2. Great work Brian!!! Writing is definitely a passion that helps you utilize your gifts and paint a picture for the world to see. Keep up the great work. Proud of you!

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